The third Expert Forum VALEU-X PROJECT

VALEU-X Partners gathered in Elbasan to attend and animate the third VALEU-X Expert Forum, hosted in Albania by the University Aleksander Xhuvani of Elbasan on 27-29 April 2022.

The Expert Forum was an occasion for discussion, to provide more advanced expertise about Virtual Collaborative Learning, digitalization and innovative pedagogical practices, Internationalization at home and Virtual Mobility, for all stakeholders at Albanian universities. These events were animated by all VALEU-X project partners and relevant stakeholders outside the consortium were invited to attend, including academics, administrative and students at Albanian universities.

The work of the days were opened by a welcome speech by the Vice-Rector of the University of Elbasan, by the project coordinator from TU Dresden, Prof. Eric Schoop, and by the local project coordinator Prof. Assoc. Altin Idrizi. The Vice-Rector underlined that the University of Elbasan has put internationalisation as one of the strategic priorities and main focus of the institution, and that VALEU-X lies as a key activity for the university.